Burak Basel

CEO at Basel Holding

"Practical, not only understands the numbers he also understands business..."
(May 6, 2019)

Tahsin has a unique combination of CFO & COO operating experience. Not only does he understand the numbers he also understands business. When it comes to strategic planning, establishing goals for organic growth or establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) he has the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve results. His practical approach to the CFO Quotient is genius simple. He takes the complex world of finance and operations and breaks it down to a simple road map for business leadership. Rarely do you find an individual with Tahsin's skill set available to work with large business. It has been a pleasure working with him.

Can Yanyali

Chief Business Development Officer at Basel Holding

"Managing overall financial structure of the group companies..."
(July 27, 2018)

I have had the privilege to work with Tahsin for over a year. He was the glue that held all of the activities of the group companies together. He stayed on top of all projects and coordinated the steps in planning, implementation, and follow-up. Tahsin was responsible for managing the overall financial structure of the group companies and for providing oversight and direction to finance directors. Tahsin was also the official face of the group companies for investor relations. He performed all initial needs assessments with potential investors and followed up on the due diligence procedures to meet the needs of investors. He co-operated with me with every aspect of my work from business development to merger and acquisitions. Tahsin was an effective contributor our companies' success. He enthusiastically took over additional responsibilities as they became available and handled each new task with professionalism. I am happy to have had the opportunity to work with Tahsin and hope that if you become his next colleague that you appreciate him as much as we have. 

Henri Sjöblom

Global Treasury Dealer at Unilever

"Profound knowledge of business and finance..."
(January 3, 2017)

I had the pleasure to work with Tahsin in Treasury Front Office role, where he demonstrated his ability to quickly on-board new information and translate complex matters in a simplified manner to various stakeholders – both internally (senior management) and externally (global banks). His profound knowledge of finance and business made him a versatile and easy person to work, as he was able to contribute all levels of communication. Apart from the superb technical skills, Tahsin had a natural talent to question the status quo in a constructive manner that would ultimately lead to either process or cost savings projects. Tahsin was much respected among his peers and alike as he ensured that atmosphere at work was always fun and challenging.

Adriana Gregus

Global Treasury Vice President at Unilever

"One of the most talented finance resources in country, fast learner, succeeds in unfamiliar business..."
(December 9, 2016)

Tahsin has joined Global Treasury team based on the recommendation of Unilever Turkey as one of the most talented finance resources in country. The purpose of his assignment in Switzerland was to test his ability to learn fast, succeed in unfamiliar business and develop his skills in a different area of Finance.Tahsin was successful in every aspect. He has demonstrated strong learning and advancement pace, his agility and ability to deliver in the area of foreign exchanges well as liquidity management. He has demonstrated strong leadership characteristics influencing both business and team. He has developed well his skill in the area of Treasury and was able to both protect assets as well as spot opportunities and generate incremental value for company. I would have loved to keep Tahsin on my team for longer period a see him grow further. I am sure he will be a great addition to any team with positive impact on productivity as well as fun.

Tuomas Räsänen

Assistant Treasury Manager - International Funding at Unilever

"Understands the big picture, communicates well and expert at financial modeling..."
(December 3, 2016)

Tahsin understands the big picture well and is a great asset for any team. He communicates his views clearly and is a good negotiator. Especially I appreciated his financial modelling skills and willingness to seek savings and arbitrage opportunities in the markets. He is fun to work with and as a social person creates an enjoyable atmosphere around him. I'm glad to recommend him for any position and would be happy to work with him again.

Melike Mermercioglu

Senior Lecturer at Koc University

"Hard working and fast learning..."
(January 25, 2013)

Tahsin is a very intelligent, hard working and fast learning student. He always made valuable contributions to my lectures in Strategy. He also worked as my assistant and helped me out with the business simulation game. I do strongly believe that Tahsin will be a very successful person in his future career.

Kubra Kalkan

Vice President of Turkish American Student Association (TASA) at American University.

"Intelligent, determined, bold, organized..."
(October 24, 2011)

"Tahsin Gur is an intelligent, determined, bold, organized and diligent leader, whom I have had the pleasure of working with in running the Turkish American Student Association (TASA) at American University. For no matter what size and mission, running an organization is never easy, but you would be fooled by the ease through which Tahsin takes on the challenge. I can undoubtedly be convinced of his academic caliber when taking into consideration the fact that he is a double major in Mathematics and Finance, and a minor in Economics, while still maintaining a 4.0 GPA; however, being a leader takes more than that. It is his performance in this type of leadership position that truly allows the natural-born leader inside to shine. His communication with others, organizational skills and high expectations of success allow for TASA to run like a fine-tuned machine. I am continually impressed by his work, and enjoy every moment of working alongside Tahsin."

Brady Rhodes

Program Director at Critical Mass Leadership Education (CMLE), Inc.

"Self-motivated, insightful, mature..."
(November 5, 2010)

"Organized, self-motivated, incredible learner and passionate advocate for communities and human relationships, Tahsin is a great pleasure to work with on multiple levels. He has almost singlehandedly created several projects that bring together diverse communities on the island of Cyprus, he is our go-to man in Washington, D.C. when we need local work done, and his high level of integrity makes working with him so easy."

Prof. Sue Marcum

Executive-in-Residence at Kogod School of Business, American University.

"Understanding, preparedness, mature..."
(July 6, 2010)

"Tahsin is an incredibly insightful student whose preparedness and maturity add to the participatory classroom environment in an extremely positive way."

Celal Arap

General Coordinator at Mediaworks Broadcasting Group

"Detail-oriented manager with strategic focus..."
(January 22, 2012)

Tahsin is a detail-oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without ever losing sight of the strategic objective.

Prof. Ghiyath Nakshbendi

Executive-in-Residence at Kogod School of Business, American University

"Highly recommended international scholar..."
(July 9, 2010)

A young scholar with an interesting international background. Had an impressive understanding of current events. Highly recommended.